Your body has all the answers. I believe that aches, pains, lack of energy and even a nervous feeling in your stomach is its way of sending you a message… for some, the message might be that you are working too much, you´re not being true to yourself, or your body is coming up against some resistance in current time because of a challenging emotional event or trauma you have may experienced sometime in the past. Our experiences are imprinted in our bodies. When we don`t take the time to connect with our bodies to process and feel our emotions, we can experience physical pain, anxiety, poor sleep, tension, low energy, difficulty communicating, and a block in taking action in one or more aspects of our lives. Whether the pain presents as physical or emotional, it’s often a sign that something under the surface is unprocessed. What does this mean? If you generally feel disconnected from your body and live more in your head, you may be able to understand and analyze what is happening in your life, but truly ‘feeling’ it requires a deeper connection to your body. It takes a willingness and courage to look at what may be underneath the pain or discomfort, to sit with and witness what your body may have been hiding from your conscious mind in order to protect you, and to FEEL all the feelings that may arise as you bring what is hidden into awareness for you to process and release. If you are looking for support to move towards clearer physical, energetic, and spiritual alignment, see my work with me page or contact me to learn about how we can work together in person or via skype.

You don’t have to do it alone. I would be honored to be a guide on your journey.


Unresolved emotions can show up in our bodies as pain, digestive issues, anxiety, or constant feelings of sadness or guilt. We can feel trapped by these emotions unable to live our lives in a way that feels light and free. Learn more about we can work together to heal these emotional wounds so you can live with more freedom.

Learn more how therapeutic bodywork and yoga can support your body, mind, and spirit whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or a new mother!

Learn more about how this healing modality can help you to alleviate pain and stress in your body allowing for more flow and ease in your life.

Client Love
“I first heard of Manisha and craniosacral therapy at a women’s circle retreat I participated in. I decided to give it a try a few months later while undergoing IVF treatment. She cleared out blockages and helped energy move around, which contributed to a successful pregnancy. CST has also helped me in so many other ways. Over time, her sessions have helped significantly reduce the pain I had gotten used to around my stress points (neck/upper back/shoulders). Manisha has a wonderful way of keeping connected before, during and after her sessions, where she gauges how I’m feeling and what is going on so that she can focus on the aspects that need more attention. And I always leave feeling lighter and more aligned.” Guillermina Schinder, Washington DC
“We are so glad that we visited Falling Leaf Wellness for craniosacral therapy for our son.  Not only was the experience warm, congenial and relaxing, a bonus lesson on setting intentions and using positive reinforcement has been incredibly beneficial for our son.  He was experiencing a lot of anxiety about writing and art, and after this session, he has been much more relaxed. No more anxiety and crying. It’s like a miracle.  Thank you Manisha.” -M.S., Washington DC
“When I started my first session with Manisha, I was in significant pain in my neck and shoulder and suffered loss of range of motion in my shoulder. The relief I felt even after one short session was so appreciated and unexpected. I was not thinking that the healing and understanding would be at such a deep level. I continued to improve over our sessions together. I so valued Manisha’s kind and skillful guidance. I like that I walked away from a session with doable action steps that were tailored to my situation. I encourage anyone who is hesitant or uncertain to try working with Manisha to get a clear sense of her wisdom and ability to help people.”
– Sheila Pai, A Living Family
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