I’ve been playing a lot with this idea in my practice. I love the idea of transformation and integration. The idea that everything we experience, whether it is sad, disappointing or even traumatic can be transformed, transmuted and integrated to create a stronger version of the whole or of ourselves. For me, it speaks to the resiliency of humanity.

Many of us have experienced loss, grief, or shock on some level in our lifetimes. We all process this differently. You may not have had the opportunity to process certain situations simply because of your own life circumstances. And, this skill is not exactly encouraged in our society. How often do you actually tell someone how you are truly doing when they ask you? We have so much coming at us between the news cycles, social media, and our daily work and family obligations that sometimes we barely have the bandwidth to navigate anything beyond that. It’s especially in these times that we need to resource ourselves by not only clearing our energy but building a reserve within us so we can be present to our lives, follow our path, and live our lives in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

If you would like to open up to this type of transformation but you’re not quite sure how to navigate it, I am now offering in person and skype sessions to facilitate Emotional Alchemy. It’s a blend of intuitive, spiritual, and energy coaching to bring to light the unconscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions that take up so much of your life force (prana) that you don’t have enough to offer yourself or your life’s vision. In each session, you will be guided to connect to your intuition and wisdom in order to feel and heal the root of what is impacting your capacity to experience emotional freedom.

We all have this capacity for EMOTIONAL FREEDOM but we need to be willing to move through some level of discomfort to access it.

So many of us get stuck in a cycle of feeling caught in the middle of other people’s wants and needs. If what you are doing, saying, and how you are living is not in alignment with your soul, your body will FEEL it and usually shows up in the form of sickness, losing our voice, and the usual stress related symptoms like digestive issues, fatigue, and headaches.

What would it be like to acknowledge, feel, and process your emotions as you are experiencing them?

What would it feel like to unburden yourself of feelings of guilt and over responsibility?

Many of my clients report feeling ‘lighter’ post session. It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves that keep us feeling weighed down.

Learning how to work with your emotions in a transformational way will not only completely uplevel your health but also how you experience and process all life situations in the future.

If this speaks to you in any way, schedule a FREE phone consultation to see if this work is a good fit for you. Ready to dive in? Schedule a session here.