Can you simply BE with what arises? This can be SO challenging… We may sense an uncomfortable thought arising or a sensation in our bodies that reminds us of something unpleasant and we immediately try to shut it down. It might be a pang of loneliness; a feeling like we didn’t do something quite right or that someone is judging us…


These are common moments that we all experience during the day. Given what I do, I often get asked the question, “Do you get anxious?” I usually, jokingly, respond that it’s the reason I do the work I do… and in fact, that is the truth. As I learned what helped my own anxious feelings, I started to become more passionate about helping others with theirs. My mission is to help people feel at HOME in their bodies.


There are so many reasons we may experience these unsettled feelings in our system. They don’t always feel comfortable, and we can be left with the impression that we can’t manage our emotions or there is something wrong with us. When my body feels unsettled, I now know that it’s trying to tell me something…so, instead of ignoring it or distracting myself from the sensation, I’ve learned to SIT with it and BE with it. This did not happen overnight. It took many years of practice. My particular practices are yoga and meditation. Others have different practices to help them navigate these feelings. It’s really important to find what works for you.


When you notice these uncomfortable sensations arising, pause and pay attention to the actual physical sensation while noticing the story you are holding in your mind. Count to 10 and let yourself SIT with it. You might close your eyes or simply lower your gaze. Imagine that you are sitting in a place that is safe and comforting to you. It may be the longest 10 seconds of your life or you may be surprised you could tolerate it for that long! In any case, you’ve offered your body your attention, which it will appreciate AND you’ve expanded the capacity of your nervous system to handle discomfort, which will serve you in the long run. In these moments of stillness, you may have even received an insight or information around what the discomfort is really about. When we learn to communicate with our bodies, it’s amazing the information they readily provide.


I’d love to hear how this went for you! Feel free to post in the comments below or email me directly. And, if you are looking for additional support, see my ‘work with me’ page to see how we can work together more in depth.