Manisha has had such a positive impact on my life! Not only does the craniosacral therapy help me feel better with increased energy and less pain, but Manisha’s guidance, motivation and coaching has been life-changing. She teaches me something new each time I see her. Dealing with my chronic health issues has been challenging, but seeing Manisha every two weeks has helped me feel better and incorporate additional methods of healing and healthy living. I still can’t explain how the craniosacral therapy works or what she does exactly, I just know it works and makes my fatigue and arthritis better….and that’s what counts! Sarah

Washington DC

When I first went to see Manisha, I was in a very tough place emotionally, psychologically, and physically. After a little over three months of working with her, I have already seen an incredible shift in my overall well-being. She has helped me through yoga and through her advice, not only giving me assistance during our sessions but also offering me yoga practices that I can practice outside of my time with her. Each session with her leaves me with a new idea to contemplate. And at times when it seems too hard to work through something on my own, Manisha is always there to help me through a difficult problem. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me. I could not recommend her more highly!



Washington DC

“CST with Manisha is amazing. I am a combat veteran with both PTSD and chronic pain, and was referred to her by my physical therapist when I found out I was being stationed in DC. Craniosacral therapy helps both the pain and the PTSD. It calms my central nervous system, so it helps on those days when I really don’t want to be touched (because of feeling hypervigilant and unsafe) but I need pain relief because all my muscles are spasming and my entire spine feels locked up. This is a big deal for me. I get more pain relief from her than from the pain managment docs at Walter Reed, because her work helps address the root cause of the pain. I really recommend her to everyone, especially those who feel uncomfortable with massage and physical therapy. You keep all your clothes on, and she touches your feet, legs, spine, neck and head. She is just a really skilled, grounded, and compassionate practitioner. She is super responsive and has even helped me on short notice when I’ve texted her in a panic because I was in so much pain. Please do yourself a favor and go see her.” A.T., Washington DC

“I first heard of Manisha and craniosacral therapy at a women’s circle retreat I participated in. I decided to give it a try a few months later while undergoing IVF treatment. She cleared out blockages and helped energy move around, which contributed to a successful pregnancy. CST has also helped me in so many other ways. Over time, her sessions have helped significantly reduce the pain I had gotten used to around my stress points (neck/upper back/shoulders). Manisha has a wonderful way of keeping connected before, during and after her sessions, where she gauges how I’m feeling and what is going on so that she can focus on the aspects that need more attention. And I always leave feeling lighter and more aligned.”

Guillermina Schinder

Washington DC

“We are so glad that we visited Falling Leaf Wellness for craniosacral therapy for our son.  Not only was the experience warm, congenial and relaxing, a bonus lesson on setting intentions and using positive reinforcement has been incredibly beneficial for our son.  He was experiencing a lot of anxiety about writing and art, and after this session, he has been much more relaxed. No more anxiety and crying. It’s like a miracle.  Thank you Manisha.” M.S., Washington DC

I was more than surprised by the effects of my very first craniosacral therapy treatment with Manisha.  Never have I experienced such deep relaxation and amazing instant and total elimination of my daily nightmares of many decades. Following several sessions focused on my emotional reactions to my family, I enjoyed a 90-minute phone conversation with my mother filled with laughter and sharing and happiness.  That was beyond historic in my 5 decades of life! The discomfort I experienced from orthodontic procedures was nearly entirely eliminated after one session. S. Li, Washington DC

“When I started my first session with Manisha, I was in significant pain in my neck and shoulder and suffered loss of range of motion in my shoulder. The relief I felt even after one short session was so appreciated and unexpected. I was not thinking that the healing and understanding would be at such deep level. I continued to improve over our sessions together. I so valued Manisha`s kind and skillfull guidance. I like that I walked away from a session with doable action steps that were tailored to my situation. I encourage anyone who is hesitant uncertain to try working with Manisha to get a clear sense of her wisdom and ability to help people.” Sheila Pai

Relationship, Parenting, and Life Coach, A Living Family

“What an immense gift Manisha Tare is! As a coach and healer, Manisha has such compassion and strength that I feel so held and safe to openly discuss whatever comes up for me. She really hears what I have to say and leads me in such powerfully healing directions. I trust Manisha with all of who I am. She has helped me see and understand how traumatic events in my childhood have become trapped in my body and are expressed through pain. This work has also showed me that what was stored in my body has shaped my view of how the world works. With Manisha`s help, I have been able to let go of some of those trapped emotions and beliefs.” Jen Young, Washington DC

Yogini, Writer & Performer, Spitfire Fitness Arts

“Manisha has a wide range of skills and you will be amazed at the topics that may come up in your session. It can range from career to relationships, to family, to body challenges, to creating boundaries, to body awareness. She really helps you connect to how you feel in your body and go from there. Different coaches take different approaches – Manisha`s approachis through how you feel in your body and then listening to it. Noticing tension, anxiety, tightness, and relaxed feelings in your body can guide you in your life. Big changes happen when you work with Manisha, I saw changes in my body, energy, mind and I saw movement in life (meaning things I wanted for myself started to take shape, and I was aware enough to see the signs). It is not your normal coaching session, it`s much deeper than that and the results appear in different ways. But since I started seeing Manisha, my life has drastically changed for the better. I am clearer, happier, chasing my true passion, more in alignment, and open. Have an open mind and an open heart and you will be amazed at how Manisha can help guide you.” Dara Angelo

Pilates Instructor

My sessions with Manisha were unbelievable and happened at exactly the right time in my life. Her calm, knowing presence gave space for me to allow my truest thoughts and questions to come forward. I discovered new ways my body can communicate with me and that it stores even more information than what I thought possible. I was able to gain a huge amount of clarity and as a result moved forward in my creative project with clarity and confidence. I highly recommend her work! Sarah Tallman, Denver, CO

Dancer and Choreographer

Working with Manisha has been such a gift.  She is incredibly loving, compassionate, wise and supportive.  The space she held for me was so strong, safe and loving it allowed me to go really deep.  I was able to access parts of my true self that I didn’t even know were there.  I live in Florida so I haven’t been able to experience her hands on but even from afar she has been able to help me get in touch with my body.  She guides me to feel where I am holding energy in my body and what that may mean.  Through slowing down and using my breath and awareness she has been able to support me to move energy through and out.  Manisha has a gift as an an incredibly powerful healer and I am beyond grateful she stepped into my life.  Words cannot describe what she has done for me as a coach/guide.  I am forever grateful to you Manisha! Virginia Raich, Palm Beach, FL

Health Coach & Soul Guide, Heart Fire Soul