Connecting to my center has been and will continue to be a daily practice for me… it took many years to realize how disconnected I was. Being disconnected can look and feel like many things. For me, it showed up as anxiety, feeling like something was my fault or my responsibility when it had nothing to do with me, and having a difficult time asking for or even knowing what I wanted. This feeling or habit of disconnection can be a result of many different life experiences. For me, my challenge in connecting to myself has been a result of my sensitive nature.  I thought everyone could sense and feel the feelings of others around them. I didn’t realize it was not so common for a long time. As I started to notice that this was not the way everyone operated, I began to understand that I was inadvertently taking on the feeling of others…I had not realized what feelings were mine and what feelings belonged to someone else.

This is when I started getting really fierce about my own practices to stay clear and connect with my center on a daily basis.

How do you feel when you are disconnected? How does it feel in your body and mind? What are things you do that allow you to feel clear, calm, and whole? When you are engaged in an activity and are feeling full, there is no sense of striving… there is simply being. Ironically, the sense of being can come even when you are ‘doing’ something, like going for a run, meditating, playing with your dog, or lying in savasana after a yoga class. It’s so individual for everyone. I really encourage you to notice how you feel when you are doing the things you love and notice what allows you to feel the most free, the most at home, and the most at ease… When we feel at ease, we can connect more with our center. We start to understand more and more what feels good in our system as well as what activities, situations, or people take us out of our body into a place of discomfort or anxiety. You might start to notice the signs in your body and mind when you are feeling disconnected, when the feelings of others are overtaking your own, or when you’re operating from a place outside of yourself. This can be frustrating but can also serve as a reminder to gently bring you back into your body each time you notice it. This takes time and patience and a true willingness to notice and take responsibility for how we are feeling. With this willingness to notice, shift our perspective, and commit to practices that help us stay connected, we can open up to our intuition even more while staying firmly grounded in our bodies and connected to our center. I hope this was helpful for you. Feel free to post about your experience below! If you would like monthly updates, please sign up for my newsletter. I would love to have you as part of the community!