What is craniosacral therapy?

I receive this question a lot and there are many ways to answer it. CranioSacral therapy is an osteopathic technique which helps bring the body into more structural as well as energetic balance. It involves light touch and gentle manipulation at different places on your body including along the spine and at your head.

Who can benefit from CranioSacral therapy?

  • you may be dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, pain not related to any obvious physical cause/injury/illness, or be experiencing the physical manifestation of stress, emotional challenges, or trauma in your body
  • you are interested in a body based way to process your emotions – these may be related to grief, loss, pain, or overwhelm
  • you are sensitive to your environment and need support around processing the excess external stimulation that we are constantly exposed to which leaves you feeling ungrounded, exhausted, or not in control of your thoughts and emotions
  • your life is actually quite wonderful and yet you feel disconnected to yourself and don’t feel present enough to feel and experience all the good that is available to you
  • you’re constantly in your head and need a break to help you feel what is happening in your body – you wanted to feel more grounded, calm, and centered

Most of us live in our heads – this can be really helpful when we are analyzing something, but spending too much time in our heads creates a disconnect with the body which can present as physical distress, misalignment in the body, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders, just to name a few.

CranioSacral Therapy directly works on the nervous system and helps to activate the part of our nervous system that help us to rest, digest, and bring calm into the body which allows us to perceive our stress and pain differently. This alignment of the physical and energetic allows our energy to flow with more ease and activates the self-healing mechanisms of our body.

CranioSacral Therapy addresses issues on a physical, emotional and mental level, and spiritual level.

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