Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information that is out there for consumption? Our brains can easily get overloaded with the pace and content of what we are hearing, seeing, and feeling. We barely have time to digest one thing before the next thing is calling our attention. There is a lot of chaos happening in the world, and simultaneously, we have much to navigate in our own personal daily lives.


When I’m feeling over saturated these days, my first stop is to head into nature. click here to read more.. It doesn’t have to be the wilderness. It can be a local park or even a patch of grass if that’s what you have available to you. Nature has a way of helping us to SLOW DOWN, to sync with a natural rhythm, to connect with something much larger than us.

How can you stay informed about what is going on around you, take action in way that supports your values, AND at the same time, take care of yourself?

When we sit on the ground, we remember that the earth has weathered many storms and through change and often destruction, there is not only survival, but the growth and beauty that we see every spring.
SLOWING DOWN also helps us to connect in with what is truly bothering us underneath the surface. Yes, there are countless things that are disturbing these days though you may notice that certain things feel more challenging to you than others or elicit more of a reaction than something else. This is information. Anytime we experience a reactive thought or a feeling of wanting to push something away —  it gives us information about what we may need to take some time to feel and process underneath. It may help to reveal a feeling that we have been carrying for decades and have never fully acknowledged. As we heal these unprocessed emotions by feeling them, we have more space to breathe and more bandwidth to take in what is going on around us. From this place, we can respond in a way that helps us to remember that our thoughts and actions are powerful and we can choose not to be swept up by the chaos.
It’s easy to let go of self-care practices when we are stressed. Do your best daily to take some time to breathe, move, hydrate yourself, and eat foods that feel nourishing and grounding to your system. These are challenging times and how we choose to take care of ourselves matters — not just for us but to how we can show up in the world.
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