What we cultivate on the inside is directly reflected back to us on the outside.

This could show up in the simplest of ways…when you are distracted, upset, frustrated, and all is seemingly going wrong – you also can’t find your keys, you spill your coffee, and things feel overwhelming.

When you’re feeling clear on the inside, the outside world usually feels better. Those frustrating things don’t happen as often or if they do, your experience of them is vastly different.

And isn’t the quality of your life based on your perception of everything around you? A reflection of your beliefs in physical form? Two people may be experiencing a very similar life situation but their perceptions are completely different.

What accounts for these differences? It comes down to the structure of our thoughts, emotions, and belief systems. There is so much at play here. How we understand or experience something gives us a lot of information about our patterns of thought and energy.

I will often use my external experiences to gauge what inner shifts I might need to focus on… Not in the sense that I need to be fixed or there is something wrong with me, but I start to consider, what can I clear so I can invite experiences into my life that reflect more of my true essence? Is there a boundary that is being crossed? Am I saying ‘yes’ when I really mean ‘no?’ Do I need to open up my understanding of a situation to help me see all the sides? Am I moving too fast or putting too much pressure on myself?

Our thoughts and emotions impact our energy. Our energy is the key — if you are looking for more movement under the surface to impact what is happening for you on the outside, there are many practices you can engage in to help you shift from the inside out.

One of my go-to practices is the Ego Eradicator breath in yoga. You can check out a video by one of my favorite teachers, Kia Miller, who explains and demonstrates it.

Nadi Shodana or alternate nostril breathing can also be a helpful breath to bring more balance into the body and mind. Here is a resource to learn more about it.

One more guided practice I would like to offer is a clearing meditation I created to help release emotions or old beliefs you are ready to let go off. You may experience a feeling of lightness as you release these burdensome thoughts.

Healing or energy work can help you to shift or clear old emotions, situations, or stories that your body is holding on to. In much of my work, I observe many physical symptoms that are a reflection of someone’s inner state of being. This often shows up as headaches, digestion issues, neck or back pain and a whole host of other symptoms.

If you are looking for support, you can schedule a session or book a 15 min consultation to discuss what approach would be best for you at this time.

I’d love to hear if you tried any of these techniques or what resonated for you!