So, we hear this a lot – let it go, go with the flow, release what does not serve.

These are great words and sound and feel really good – I say them often in my own yoga classes. The actual ‘doing’ of this is a bit more challenging.

I was at the beach not long ago and was observing a horseshoe crab in his process of getting back to the ocean… or the ‘flow.’ I had never seen one moving before. He would make his way — slow and steady towards the water. You could see the waves coming up onto the beach, sometimes close to him, and in other moments, the waves were strong and would wash up over him. I just assumed he would be carried away back into the ocean by the power of the wave. I was surprised to notice that he was still there even after the powerful wave had washed over him. He seemed to dig in even more strongly when the wave came and would get turned around by resisting the wave. It would take him a bit longer to turn himself back around and start making his way towards the water again. I was fascinated by this behavior.


Why wouldn’t he just let the waves take him into the ocean?


Here was this powerful force, ready and wiling to sweep him to where he wanted to go and he would not let it happen. I realized how much I was actually struck by this. I could not stop watching. I shared with a friend that it seemed like a metaphor for life.

There are so many times that we are being pulled by a force greater than us. Signs, information, intuition arises to follow a certain path and yet we resist. So many reasons – fear, moving too quickly, our reflexive reaction to dig our heels into the ground. Everyone has their own version of resistance.

Watching this, it really made me wonder what it would be like to just go with the flow… riding the discomfort of moving into the unknown, perhaps moving quicker than I am comfortable with.


  • Maybe the holding on and digging my heels in wasn’t really serving me.
  • Maybe going with the signs, my intuition, and messages I was receiving was actually going to propel me down the path of my soul’s purpose with greater ease.
  • Maybe ‘letting go’ is really about tuning in with the greater flow of the universe and going on an amazing ride.

Often we try to find our stability outside of us – in what we perceive to be secure. In order to ‘go with the flow,’ and take those risks towards the unknown, we need to cultivate that feeling of security within ourselves. This may look like a grounding yoga practice or a breathing practice that clears stagnation in the root chakra. It will look different depending on your life experiences and history.

At the moment, my daily meditation practice is a grounding force that keeps me not only connected to myself but also in tune with the flow of the universe.

I would love to hear how you open yourself up to the greater messages… and if you are looking for support in this area, I would love to hear from you!

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