This is one of my favorite topics, especially in the Fall.

As we enter into late Fall and winter, we approach what’s called the vata time of year. According to the principles of Ayurveda, we each have characteristics that correlate to three constitutions (vata, pitta, & kapha) in different combinations. There is a whole science around these constitutions and diet and activity that are best suited for each one. Ideally, it’s great to have your pulses read by a practitioner to help you to understand what your specific constitution is, however, there is always google, where you can find an online dosha quiz to get you started. As you have a sense of what category you fall mostly into, there are many practices you might implement to help you stay balanced.

As I have a propensity towards Vata characteristics, I really pay attention to what’s happening in my mind and body in the Fall. At this time of year, there is a tendency for heightened imbalance if you predominantly fall into this particular dosha. This imbalance may look like trouble sleeping, worrying, or generally feeling ungrounded or disconnected.


Below are a few ways that I use to stay grounded and calm during this entry into the colder weather.


  1. Sitting on the grass. Yes, you can actually benefit from sitting on the grass and breathing deeply. Notice your breath as you inhale and follow it all the way down through the chest and belly. See how far you can follow the sensation down to the base of your spine to your pelvic floor. Connect with the sensation of your sits bones on the earth.
  1. Yin yoga is a wonderful way to invite your attention into your body. It consists of longer held, floor based poses that allow you to open your hips and release tension throughout the body. A couple of poses can make a world of difference. Try butterfly pose by coming into a seated position on the ground and putting the soles of the feet together in a diamond shape. Allow your back to round and fall forward. You can stack pillows or blankets on your feet to support your head as you fold forward. Set a timer for about 5 minutes and settle in. Carefully come out of the pose when you are done and observe your state of mind.
  1. Self-massage or in Ayurveda, it’s called abhyanga. Especially as the weather gets colder, this is a great way to warm up the body and give it some love! It’s a wonderful way to help with circulation, calm the nerves, and feel more connected.

I’d love to know what this brings up for you. Post in the comments below or message me. If you’re looking for some tips to stay centered and grounded as we enter into winter and the holiday season, come to a yin yoga class if you’re local or set up a complimentary consultation call to see if mind body coaching is for you!