This is the season for heavy travel — you may already be on the road or packing at this very moment to take off for the holidays. Long periods of time in cars, planes, and trains can be taxing on the hips and the back. With potential delays and traffic, it’s not always easy on the nerves either.


Below are a few tips to help you ground and stay present while navigating all the randomness that can come with travel!

  1. BREATHE — Simple, I know… it’s amazing how often we forget how this simple act can shift our nervous system in miraculous ways. Take three long deep breaths with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Notice how far the breath is going. We don’t realize how often we hold our breath when stressed or we don’t allow the breath to move through our system. Let the belly expand. Let the breath move down to your root. Try it for a few minutes and notice what happens in your body and mind.
  2. YOGA – Once you’ve landed or arrived at your destination, try a simple yin pose like butterfly for 3-5 minutes or a restorative pose like legs up the wall. For butterfly, sit on the ground or at the edge of a blanket, place the soles of the feet together, and let the upper back round. If you have a back injury or pain, keep the back straight and don’t fold forward as much. Opening the hips can help your energy move downward. For legs up the wall, lay down with your buttocks close to the wall. You may use a blanket under your sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of your spine) and send your legs up the wall and let them rest. This also invites the energy down into your pelvis and is overall calming for the nervous system.
  3. CONNECT WITH NATURE – What you connect with may vary according to the temperature and location- but find some grass, sand, a tree, or whatever you can access. You might sit on the ground or simply place your hands on a tree and let your body and breath settle. When we are directly connected to nature, our body rhythms will start to synchronize with the rhythm of nature, which is very healing.

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