Infant Massage

As you are beginning to learn how to communicate with your baby, there is much opportunity to get to know his or her needs and likes through verbal and non verbal cues. Infant touch and massage instruction focuses on demonstrating specific touch and massage strokes, but more importantly, how to use these techniques to recognize and address your baby’s needs.

Touch and massage can be used for therapeutic purposes such as relieving colic or excessive gas as well as to enhance general health with regard to circulation, digestion, sleep patterns, and sensory regulation

One hour sessions (individual or group) can be scheduled in your home* or my office space for up to two caregivers per child and include time for questions and discussion. It is strongly recommended that a minimum of two sessions be scheduled (on average one week apart) to allow for practice in between sessions and to promote carryover of baby  massage into the family routine.

The cost below is per child with up to two caregivers per child.

$80 – 1 child
$65 – 2 children
$55 – 3 children
$45 – 4 children
$40 – 5-6 children
*$15-25 travel fee for in home sessions based on location*
**Gift certificates available**

Please contact to organize a session in your home or office:
1029 Vermont Avenue, NW
Suite 610
Washington DC 20005

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of infant massage?

Infant massage has many benefits. One of the main purposes is to encourage attachment and bonding between the parent and the baby. Other benefits include improved circulation, regulation of sleep patterns, and better digestion. When parents and caregivers massage their babies, they are better able to understand the baby’s nonverbal cues and respond to their needs more appropriately.

2. Is it better to learn one on one or in a group setting?

Everyone’s learning style is different. There are benefits to individual sessions as well as group sessions. Individual sessions provide undivided attention and ability for the parent to guide the focus of the session. Group sessions involve the opportunity to meet and learn from other parents with babies that are similar in age.

3. What is the best age to start massaging my baby?

Babies can be massaged from the time they are newborns. Babies of different ages will respond differently to touch and massage and tend to respond more actively when they are a couple of months old.

4. What if my baby was born premature or has a medical condition?

There are certain contraindications for infant massage. It is recommended that you discuss any of your concerns with the infant massage instructor prior to beginning the sessions. With regard to premature babies, massage has proved effective in several research studies with regard to increased weight gain as well as improved sleep. Please bring up your concerns and questions with the infant massage instructor prior to beginning the session(s).