As we get further into the holiday season, we tend to have an altered sense of time. The end of the year seems like it’s coming fast and we may wonder where parts of the year went.

Our thoughts are moving quickly and it’s hard to stay present with what’s right in front of us. This may seem difficult to believe, but in my experience, regular meditation can actually shift our perception of time. Once you get into a regular practice, time somehow feels more expansive. I think it’s because you increase your capacity to be more present in each moment and therefore don’t feel like everything is a blur passing you by. I imagine if you’ve practiced yoga or have done any other activity that allows you to experience your own state of FLOW, then you have experienced an altered state of time as well.

If you have trouble sitting on your own, I’d love to invite you to join me over the phone from time to time. Sign up here and you’ll receive an email at least a day ahead of time with the date, time, and a call in number so we can practice sitting in silence (with a little bit of guidance) together. I hope you’ll join me!