Mind Body Conversations


Are you experiencing a sense of overwhelm in your life? Do you find yourself easily saturated with all that is going on around you leaving you feeling on edge, anxious, or depleted of energy? Perhaps you are highly sensitive or an empath and tend to take in/on a lot of emotions and burdens that NOT yours and you’re not sure how to navigate this…

When you’re highly sensitive, it’s not uncommon to take on someone else’s ‘stuff’ to either relieve them of pain or suffering or find a closer connection to others. This pattern can severely drain you or leave you feeling overburdened and disconnected from yourself. You’re not operating with your own energy intact within you. For some, it can show up as high anxiety, health issues, extreme fatigue, headaches or digestive issues. For others, it can look like fear of trying something new, difficulty expressing your emotions or living a very small life when your desire is to expand more and feel lighter and more free.

Maybe you are really familiar with your story and your patterns? Maybe you’ve talked about them ad nauseam and yet you are not seeing changes you would like in your actual life. I have learned over time that working energetically and with one’s body on these patterns is the most direct avenue to shifting them. Our bodies are wise and are messengers. We can work with our bodies to understand these unconscious beliefs and shift them.

When you are in touch with the messages of your body – everything can SHIFT.

If you find yourself relating to this and are ready to experience a different vision for your life, schedule an initial mind body coaching session. If you are interested in working together for 3 OR 6 months, after our initial session, I can share further details of how we can arrange this. Scroll further down to see what coaching packages include.

As we work together, you will feel:

  • more grounded, connected and secure in your body
  • what it is like to be truly heard and more confidently express your needs
  • more confidence in understanding the messages your body is sending you
  • a shift in core patterns that no longer serve through breath work and body based awareness practices
  • an ability to move through and clear fear with more ease from your body when taking aligned action
  • a sense of lightness in your body, mind, and spirit
As you become more embodied, your willingness to show up in the world as YOURSELF grows.

Intersted in experiencing the benefits of mind body connection?

Let’s Journey Together

For those of you who are ready to dive into something deeper and make some fundamental changes in your life, I offer 3 and 6 month programs to work with me. These longer periods of time allow us to dive deeper into your old patterns, energetically work with your unconscious beliefs that are running the show and give you time to work with the tools you will learn and integrate them deeply into your life.

3 or 6 months program include:

  • Three 60-minute sessions per month
  • Sessions are held remotely over the phone or zoom.
  • Recording of our session for future use (must use zoom for this option)
  • Email coaching on our off-week while you apply what you’ve been learning and integrate
  • Weekly email check-ins and follow-ups
  • Ongoing support in between sessions

My greatest shifts have occurred when held in the container of a safe, consistent and nurturing relationship. The relationships I have had with trusted guides and mentors who have been able to see and reflect back to me what I could not quite see has allowed me greater connection, growth, and expansion in my life. If this is the depth of support you are looking for, then I invite you to schedule an initial session. Even one session can be hugely beneficial and from there, you can decide whether you want to continue for 3 or 6 months. I look forward to supporting you!

***Investment will vary for 3 and 6 month programs. Once we have our initial call, I will send you all the details if you would like to continue on together.



“When I started my first session with Manisha, I was in significant pain in my neck and shoulder and suffered loss of range of motion in my shoulder. The relief I felt even after one short session was so appreciated and unexpected. I was not thinking that the healing and understanding would be at such deep level. I continued to improve over our sessions together. I so valued Manisha`s kind and skillfull guidance. I like that I walked away from a session with doable action steps that were tailored to my situation. I encourage anyone who is hesitant uncertain to try working with Manisha to get a clear sense of her wisdom and ability to help people.”

Sheila Pai

Relationship, Parenting, and Life Coach, A Living Family

My sessions with Manisha were unbelievable and happened at exactly the right time in my life. Her calm, knowing presence gave space for me to allow my truest thoughts and questions to come forward. I discovered new ways my body can communicate with me and that it stores even more information than what I thought possible. I was able to gain a huge amount of clarity and as a result moved forward in my creative project with clarity and confidence. I highly recommend her work!

Sarah Tallman

Dancer and Choreographer