Mind Body Conversations


Are you interested in living a more conscious, awake existence? Are you willing to look at the people, situations, and events in your life as teachers to help you wake up to the authentic purpose of your life? When we are living in a way that is aligned to our soul’s purpose, we have the best chance of feeling happy, joyous, content, and pain free.

I believe it’s the the burdens we carry that create emotional, physical, and even spiritual unease. We may have taken on these burdens as small children or even adults due to life circumstances, events,  and situations involving loss or grief. It’s often when our pain is not acknowledged and has not had an opportunity to truly move through us, we get stuck energetically – which leads to physical and emotional pain.
This does not have to be where your story ends. There are many ways to unburden yourself from pain that you have taken on – there are ways to find connection between the body, mind, and spirit that can help you to feel more light and free.

So many of our limited ways of thinking and old emotions and patterns from earlier events in our life can keep us stuck. We may be living with fear that doesn’t allow us to express ourselves fully OR with physical pain that we are holding onto for some reason that is outdated and no longer serves us.

Many of us try to figure out these issues in our heads through analysis. We forget that our BODIES are an important part of the equation. They are constantly providing us with key information about what we need to be happier, healthier, and more in tune with our greater desires. And when we can learn to be in communication with them, we can actually ask them questions and receive answers!

When you’re stuck in your head with looping thoughts about the past or future, it’s really challenging to know what you want or need to be happy right here in the moment. This pattern of overthinking can lead to a constant low level of anxiety that permeates all of your actions and ultimately impacts your health, work, and relationships.

When you are in touch with the messages of your body – everything can SHIFT.

If you find yourself relating to this way of living and are ready to experience a different vision of your life, contact me to schedule a complimentary initial conversation to bring your mind and body more into alignment and take action from a place of connection.

As we work together, you will experience:

  • what it feels like to be truly heard and more confidently express your needs
  • more grounded and secure in your body
  • more confidence in understanding the messages your body is sending you
  • connection with your body through awareness, meditation, and visualization practices
  • a shift in core patterns that no longer serve through breath work and body based awareness practices
  • ability to move through and clear fear with more ease from your body when taking aligned action
  • a sense of lightness in your body, mind, and spirit
As you become more embodied, your willingness to show up in the world as YOURSELF grows.

Interested to see how Mind Body Coaching can help you?

My sessions with Manisha were unbelievable and happened at exactly the right time in my life. Her calm, knowing presence gave space for me to allow my truest thoughts and questions to come forward. I discovered new ways my body can communicate with me and that it stores even more information than what I thought possible. I was able to gain a huge amount of clarity and as a result moved forward in my creative project with clarity and confidence. I highly recommend her work! Sarah Tallman

Dancer and Choreographer

“When I started my first session with Manisha, I was in significant pain in my neck and shoulder and suffered loss of range of motion in my shoulder. The relief I felt even after one short session was so appreciated and unexpected. I was not thinking that the healing and understanding would be at such deep level. I continued to improve over our sessions together. I so valued Manisha`s kind and skillfull guidance. I like that I walked away from a session with doable action steps that were tailored to my situation. I encourage anyone who is hesitant uncertain to try working with Manisha to get a clear sense of her wisdom and ability to help people.” Sheila Pai

Relationship, Parenting, and Life Coach, A Living Family