It’s summer — a time of even more sun and more activity — if we’ve connected in with the energies of the winter and spring and rested and restored our bodies, moving into summer feels naturally expansive and energizing.

Due to the nature of how most of us live, very active, and not necessarily in tune with the rhythms of the seasons, if we jump too fast into summer without having restored, we might hit some snags along the way.

I talk a lot about slowing down and resting and one might wonder, well, how do you get anything done if you’re always moving slowly and resting??

Slowing down and resting is part of healing and resting an overactive nervous system.


And everyone is so different, we likely need different amounts of rest. It’s healing for your body and mind to find it’s own rhythm instead of trying to keep up with the pace of others around you or what you think you are supposed to be doing. It can feel like a huge exhale when you say ‘no’ and create some space just for yourself. Saying yes out of guilt or obligation and running around contributes to decreased immunity and energy. And when you are experiencing something particularly challenging emotionally, it can feel incredibly draining, and you may be more susceptible to sickness. Over time, this can also show up as more serious issues such as anxiety, depression and autoimmune issues. There are often so many layers to what is presenting itself on the surface.

This may sound like it’s taking it a bit far… yet these things do accumulate in our bodies over time if we don’t have ways to release them from our systems. Some people go running, journal, or do yoga or some other form of movement like martial arts or dance. Others may talk about it or receive energetic support like bodywork or acupuncture — whether it’s a physical or emotional issue, if it’s showing up in your body — there is something inherently out of balance.

I’m moving through this quite deeply as I move through healing a shoulder injury…it’s not clear what specifically caused it, but it showed up and even though I have many moments of frustration around it, I am ultimately working to see it as a teacher. How could this injury and this forced slow down and change in all my routines teach me what I am meant to learn in this lifetime for my own greater good?

If you know me at all, you know I can get pretty deep into the intricacies of how the universe works. I think we are all here for a purpose and the things, people, and events that show up for us are here to teach us something… as we follow their lead (willingly or not), more things will reveal themselves to show us if we are on the right path for us.

I work with many people in this state of deep inquiry and transition…they may show up with a physical complaint and underneath, there may be some other contributor — an old anxiety, or unprocessed anger, resentment, or grief. These old unprocessed emotions get stuck in their bodies at some point along the way and take up so much energy, that there is less left to focus on what feels like really matters. Feelings like guilt, shame, and anger (which don’t feel good) when pushed down can take up a lot of our bandwidth and leave us feeling tired, frustrated and highly irritable or in constant reactivity mode.

So how does bodywork help with being less anxious or reactive?

Well, this could be a long, complex answer, but for a short answer, we hold so much tension in our bodies from stress — if we don’t address what’s going on, it gets pushed down and buried AND will at some point show up again in the form of illness, disease, or susceptibility to injury. Craniosacral therapy can help to bring some of these repressed emotions to the surface and offer support in their and your healing. It also works to calm your nervous system so you can better handle what’s coming up…. over time, you feel more rested and energized at the same time. And this allows you to give your energy to the things that are important to you in life. And you can live your life from a place of much greater clarity.

If you are interested in doing this deeper work of healing and discovery, please be in touch to schedule a conversation so we can decide how best to work together.