Pre & Post Natal Offerings

If you are pregnant or have just had a baby, SLEEP is probably something you are struggling with!


Between sleep challenges, back pain, leg cramps, anxiety about upcoming labor or the anxiety you feel when you hear your baby crying and are trying to figure out how to calm him or her, your NERVOUS SYSTEM is likely on edge!


  • positively impacts sleep
  • helps to calm feelings of fear and anxiety in the body — in anticipation of the birth process and afterwards as you are navigating those early days of motherhood
  • increases emotional resiliency as we work to regulate hormonal changes
  • provides mini- structural adjustments to the help align the body during pregnancy as the baby is growing as well as in the postpartum phase when your body is readjusting to it’s new state!
  • Can help decrease back pain, leg cramps, and improve overall circulation


Self-care during this important time is crucial. You also may have had lots of support during your pregnancy and after you give birth, all the focus is on your baby. As a new mother, it’s so important that you take the time to nourish and care for yourself. You may continue to experience challenges with sleeping – not only because the baby is waking up, but due to your own adjusting hormones. You might be experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain because of all the feeding, diaper changing, and carrying you are doing.

Caring for yourself is how you can be the most emotionally and physically available to your new little one.


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