Earlier this year, I facilitated an online 28-day self-care journey. I was inspired to develop it while I lay on the acupuncture table receiving a treatment, which seems pretty fitting.

In coming up with daily messages around self-care for 28 days, I realized how vast this topic is and the implication it can have on our well-being. It may seem self-indulgent to some — like there are so many things going on in the world, how or why is this important? Or to parents of young children, it may feel impossible to find the time. How can I possibly make time to do something for myself when I have an infant crying or children to feed, or make sure homework is done, and the list goes on and on…

The truth is, we can’t really be fully present for life, relationships, work, or fun when we are feeling exhausted, depleted, stressed or worried. We can say things like, ‘it’s easier for someone else because they have help or they don’t have all the same responsibilities that I do.’ We then fall into the trap of comparing who has it better, worse, or easier.  And, that doesn’t really help or change anything. And, we are left still feeling exhausted, depleted, or unsatisfied in some way. Giving to, caring for, and attending to ourselves allow us to draw in the energy of receiving…when we can do this for ourselves, we more easily can receive from others. And of course, have more energy and desire to give!

SO… I invite you to think of just ONE thing that you can do for yourself today. It may take as little as 5 minutes – but something that allows you to feel more nourished and whole. Some of my suggestions from the self-care journey included time for daydreaming, taking a few minutes to write in a journal, taking a walk (with no cell phone) and actually looking at your surroundings, or even sitting down with a cup or tea or coffee and drinking it with NO interruption. These are super simple and don’t take up much time…one small shift a day can give your body the message that you care about it and are listening!

I would love to hear any reflections about this post or please share what you decided to do for yourself today in the comments below!

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