I was more than surprised by the effects of my very first craniosacral therapy treatment with Manisha.  Never have I experienced such deep relaxation and amazing instant and total elimination of my daily nightmares of many decades. Following several sessions focused on my emotional reactions to my family, I enjoyed a 90-minute phone conversation with my mother filled with laughter and sharing and happiness.  That was beyond historic in my 5 decades of life! The discomfort I experienced from orthodontic procedures was nearly entirely eliminated after one session.
~S. Li, Washington DC

“CST with Manisha is amazing. I am a combat veteran with both PTSD and chronic pain, and was referred to her by my physical therapist when I found out I was being stationed in DC. Craniosacral therapy helps both the pain and the PTSD. It calms my central nervous system, so it helps on those days when I really don’t want to be touched (because of feeling hypervigilant and unsafe) but I need pain relief because all my muscles are spasming and my entire spine feels locked up. This is a big deal for me. I get more pain relief from her than from the pain managment docs at Walter Reed, because her work helps address the root cause of the pain. I really recommend her to everyone, especially those who feel uncomfortable with massage and physical therapy. You keep all your clothes on, and she touches your feet, legs, spine, neck and head. She is just a really skilled, grounded, and compassionate practitioner. She is super responsive and has even helped me on short notice when I’ve texted her in a panic because I was in so much pain. Please do yourself a favor and go see her.
-A.T., Washington DC

“We are so glad that we visited Falling Leaf Wellness for craniosacral therapy for our son.  Not only was the experience warm, congenial and relaxing, a bonus lesson on setting intentions and using positive reinforcement has been incredibly beneficial for our son.  He was experiencing a lot of anxiety about writing and art, and after this session, he has been much more relaxed. No more anxiety and crying. It’s like a miracle.  Thank you Manisha.”
-M.S., Washington DC

“I feel really good after our last craniosacral therapy session, and I can sense a lot more space and openness in my shoulder and hip that you worked on.  This is amazing particularly because I had a deep tissue massage two weeks ago and the release I experienced on Sunday is far greater than how it felt during the deep tissue session. It feels much easier to move those areas than it did before our session.”
~J.C., Washington DC

“Manisha is a gifted CranioSacral Therapist. She has worked on me many times and each time, I feel something different.  Sometimes my back feels more aligned, sometimes I sleep better and other times, I notice I don’t clench my teeth that night.  If anybody is curious about the therapy, has a specific issue or simply wants to relax, I recommend trying Manisha!”
~R.C., Washington, DC

“Manisha has been treating me with CranioSacrial Therapy since the summer of 2012, and the results have been wonderful.  The therapy itself is relaxing, and its effects improve my well-being.  For several days after each session I sleep better, and I feel more aligned and whole.  I highly recommend trying CranioSacral Therapy with Manisha.  She is a talented and gentle soul whose purpose is to help others.
~E.C., Washington DC

My daughter and I love attending Mommy and Me yoga!  It has such a calm and welcoming vibe; the babies can lay at the front of the mat or be incorporated into postures.  At first I worried that Milla would cry and fuss and be too disruptive, but everyone goes with the flow, reminding me that it’s a yoga class FOR BABIES, so I never feel bad.  I had a practice before my daughter was born, and this class has been great to get me back into the swing of things.  It has also made me brave enough to incorporate Milla into my home yoga practice. Doing yoga with my baby has made for such special time together.
~Chrissy W., Washington DC