How do YOU know when you’re making the right decision? Many people go in the direction of making lists, assessing pros and cons, and go into full blown analysis when attempting to make a decision. I totally understand. I lived in my head for a long time until I befriended my body.

How do you feel about your body? What’s your relationship to it? Can you count on it? Has it betrayed you? Maybe you grew up as an athlete and you perceive your body as strong, flexible and something you can count on. Maybe you got sick a lot as a kid or had another condition which didn’t allow you to feel fully safe or taken care of by your body. Maybe you received lots of messages from those around you which influenced your ability to fully trust your inner knowing.

I didn’t realize this until I became an adult, but I am super sensitive to a lot of sensory information as well as the energy of others around me. I tend to feel what other people are feeling just by being around them. This ability is actually incredibly helpful in my work now, however as a kid, this happened all the time whether I wanted it to or not. In fact, I didn’t even understand it was happening so I often felt unsettled or overwhelmed. When you’re used to feeling what others are feeling all the time, you can’t really distinguish what’s happening for you. It’s really challenging to trust your gut when you don’t know what that feels like.

You’ve probably experienced a hit of intuition.. whether it’s an idea that pops into your mind or a sensation in your belly when you’re trying to make a decision. In order to deepen your awareness of these sensations, it’s helpful to find some stillness and quiet. As you become more quiet and grounded, you will be able to discern your feelings from the feelings of others with more confidence. As you take action based on your intuition for even seemingly small things, your confidence will grow and you will trust the messages your body is sending you with more ease.

I’d love to hear your experiences around this. Feel free to send me a message or post in the comments below!