Spring RESET: A Personalized Mini-Retreat

Want to feel lighter, brighter, like more is possible in your life?
Connect more deeply to YOURSELF!
It’s amazing what we can ALLOW to move through us when we give ourselves the time and space to become still and NOURISHED.
I find that when I am tired and not well rested, my mind is easily scattered and I have a hard time making decisions, being creative, and moving forward in my life. When I give myself time and space to rest, do something healing for my body and spirit, or receive support from another practitioner, things open up. I feel more at ease, my mind is more clear, and I’m able to attract ideas or solutions into my life that I was not aware of previously.


If this resonates, I invite to you schedule a MINI-RETREAT for yourself… 


This may be for you if:


You are looking for a deep RESET-

  • you’re exhausted and experiencing information overload
  • your body is fighting off allergies or you notice you often get sick
  • you’re typically taking care of everyone else and you just need some space and time to take care of YOU


You are looking to make a big decision or change direction in your life -

  • you’re a pro at analyzing the situation from EVERY angle, yet still no answer
  • you’re looking for confirmation from your gut
  • you want to FEEL good about the next choice in your life and move towards it with confidence


You’re going through a personal challenge and you need support in your life -

  • you may be dealing with change in your health
  • perhaps you’ve had a loss in your life and though your mind has processed it, your body is feeling unsettled
  • you’re moving through a transition and are feeling confused



What does a mini-reset look like?


You’ll RECEIVE: 

  • sacred space of 3 1/2 hours dedicated to facilitated healing
  • a combination of an individualized yoga practice, coaching and reflection, and a deeply healing craniosacral therapy treatment to help you integrate and embody insights you’ve received
  • tools and practices you can take with you to support your mind, body, and spirit

Expect to FEEL:

  • lighter and less burdened
  • deeply rested, less stressed, and clear -minded
  • stronger and more confident in your actions moving forward


Email me at fallingleafyoga@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule a mini-retreat for yourself. I have weekday and some weekend times open for you! Your body will thank you <3.