Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool to shift subtle body energy, clear old patterns, quiet your mind, and find a connection with your true self. There is a reason there is a yoga studio on every other corner in many cities and towns. Especially as urban dwellers, we are constantly bombarded with energy that is not ours and our minds and bodies are working hard to process so much sensory stimulation from our environment.

Moving through postures, paying attention to what’s happening in our internal as well as our external landscape and working with the breath are all ways to clear energy that may not be ours and find our ground. For many group classes work wonderfully.


tree pose

Others of you may be looking toward yoga for:

  • healing old wounds
  • shifting your energy in a significant way
  • clearing patterns and finding freedom from old limiting thought patterns
  • working with a particular injury
  • developing a meditation practice
  • working through trauma or PTSD


Individual sessions may be just what you need to make these larger shifts. For more information on my approach to working with trauma, please read my bio on The Breathe Network.


My teaching style is focused on alignment, attention to the breath, and connection to the subtle body. I have completed two teacher trainings in the hatha and vinyasa styles. As a long time student of meditation in a variety of traditions, I most often use mindfulness of the breath and deepening the attention to the subtle body as tools to help people access what is underneath the surface. In addition to active movement practices, I have a special interest in yin yoga and restorative yoga. In different ways, these two practices allow the body to release deeply held tensions, bring more awareness to our habits and patterns as well as facilitate deep relaxation.

To schedule a private session, contact me at to discuss your needs and schedule a session.

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Hatha Yoga
Tuesdays 7-8pm
YMCA Anthony Bowen